Motor Claim Process

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  • Step One :

    Call 011 5008080 (Insurance Care Centre) and inform the accident to us.

  • Step Two :

    If the visiting Assessor or the Care Centre agent has requested you to report the accident to the police, please do so. (According to the Motor Traffic Act of Sri Lanka it is mandatory that all motor vehicle accidents are reported to the nearest Police Station).

  • Step Three :

    If the visiting Assessor has offered an onsite offer please ensure that the Claim Form which is handed over to you by the Assessor is duly signed in order for the payment to be processed.

  • Step Four :

    If no onsite offer is made by the Assessor, please obtain an estimate for the repairs and fax the estimate to 0112559407. (Confirm the receipt of fax by calling the Engineering unit on 0115500860, 0115500863 or 0115500933).

  • Step Five :

    The approval for the repair will be given by The Engineering unit or the Assessor who will be visiting the garage/location convenient to you.

  • Step Six :

    After completion of repairs, please submit the following documents to the nearest LOLC Branch, CLC (Commercial Leasing) Branch or LOLC Insurance Head Office located at 440, Havelock Road, Colombo 06;

    • a. Duly completed Claim Form with your signature
    • b. Copy of the Driver’s License
    • c. All bills (final bills) related to the claim/accident.
    • d. If the payment is to be drawn in favor of the garage - please advise this in writing to us.

  • Step Seven :

    On requisition please provide the vehicle for an After Repair Inspection. All salvage items should be in the custody of the insured until the claim is finalized. If requested, these items should be handed over to the company (LOLC Insurance Co Ltd). All invoices inclusive of VAT should be addressed to LOLC Insurance Co Ltd.

For enquiries, please contact Insurance Care Centre on 011 5008080